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2010 Angel - 25.00
Including Postage
Angel - Sorry Sold Out
Central Nativity Gift Set
Central Nativity Set
Shepherd Extra Set
Shepherd Set
Three Kings
Camel Set
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New Stable Set
Old Stable Set
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The Nativity Set may be bought complete as shown on the Home Page - or it may be built up over a number of years in small sets or individual pieces. It is entirely hand-made in England by Joan Kottler and her husband David.
It gives pleasure and delight to all ages for many many years: see Buyer's Comments.
For an enlarged picture, full details and opportunity to buy on-line please click on any of the sets below.
Full Christmas Crib - New Stable Set, Kings Set, & Extra's
Basic Nativity Set
Central Nativity Gift Set - 57.20
Basic Nativity Set - 63.00
Central Nativity Set - 39.90
Shepherd Extra Set £29.70
Shepherd Set - £32.70
Three Kings - 88.35
Camel Set - 88.25
New Stable Set - 205.55
Old Stable Set - 205.55
Full Christmas Crib : Complete Nativity Set: New Stable Set, Three Kings, Camel Set, Shepherd Extra Set and Arch - £428.90

Individual Items
Individual Item
Add to Basket
Baby in Manger
King (green)
King (dark blue)
King (red)
Pack Camel
Mother Camel
Baby Camel
Camel Boy
Palm Tree
Old Stable
New Stable
Stable Light
Small Lantern
Bulb (pack of two)
Extension Lead
* denotes figures carrying lanterns
with 3.5v bulbs

We do not normally start posting until October but will always meet orders for christenings, anniversaries
or other special occasions. Payments are kept in a separate dedicated bank account until orders have been sent.
In the extremely rare cases of non-delivery or delivery of damaged goods replacements are sent without question,
or if preferred a full refund is made.

Please note that the Nativity Set is not a toy.